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Manish S.

Purnabramha  MD BE Graduate, holding Good Business Level position in well known IT company. He is having good hand on  Strategic planning , taking Operational and business decisions  as and when required. Manish  believe in the idea and standing like pillar for taking this venture on global International level.  Manish is based out of Pune Maharashtra  is going to take care of the overall business internationally and nationally 

Jayanti Kathale

Jayanti is the MD of Purnabramha. She left her cushy job in the IT sector where she worked with organizations like Infosys  for over 13 years. A passionate entrepreneur, Jayanti has conceived the idea of Purnabramha to provide not just authentic Maharashtrian food to its guests but also a truly cultural ambience with stellar customer service.

Jayanti , Manish aims to make Purnabramha(Brnad of Manaswini Foods Private Limited)  a global brand and has already begun taking steps in that direction. there keen sense of business planning and people management has won there many guests, most of whom have become extended family.